Rogersville | The Honeysuckle Cafe Completes the Downtown Experience
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The Honeysuckle Cafe Completes the Downtown Experience

Rogersville Alabama welcomed a new business on April 18, 2017. The Rogersville Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for the grand opening of the Honeysuckle Café in downtown Rogersville, and with it, welcomed new business and visitor growth. The Honeysuckle lives at 1609 Lee St., the former home of Café Savannah. Rogersville locals embrace downtown dining, once more.

New businesses introduce new challenges and opportunities. Raising the Honeysuckle Café is a family matter. Owner, Beverly Scott, enlists her family in restaurant activities and credits them for the business’s success. Any given day, one can find daughter, Autumn, whipping up signature desserts and satisfying appetites. Husband, Max, helps work nights and busy weekends in addition to his full-time career, and son, Dustin, is credited with the interior charm. Dustin is the master behind the little gems we’ve come to admire upon entry. Dustin found, refined and brilliantly placed the light fixtures hanging from small doors in the ceiling and lining the walls. Each family member does his or her part to support the café.

The Honeysuckle provides the perfect home-cooked experience. This writer may be biased, but the most mouthwatering dish is the ritzy chicken casserole with a side of fried green tomatoes (complete with Honeysuckle sauce) and sweet potato casserole. Oh, and don’t forget the hoe cake!

Scott divulges that she’s always enjoyed cooking for and entertaining company in her own home. A unique part of the employee training experience encompasses this mentality. Each server, host and hostess is taught to treat diners as a guest in his or her own home.

The Honeysuckle Café reflects a town equally dedicated to tradition and progress. Upon moving in, Scott found a picture from the original building’s purpose: Plott’s Drugs, in the 1940s. A sentimental woman, Scott sought an appropriate placement for the picture in its new surroundings. Her nephew stripped and painted the Plott’s Drugs corner-tribute in the entryway, designing the wall to mimic genuine brick. Scott would like to celebrate the town’s heritage and further boost its growth with little reminders such as this. Decked in quaint southernisms, the Café fosters the spirit of southern hospitality and home. While an adored hotspot for locals, Honeysuckle has also brought new business and flare to town.

Sandra Ferguson, owner of The Lemon Tree, is proud to welcome Scott’s family to the downtown area. She shares that many of her recurring customers visited when Café Savannah stood downtown, but discovered other places to shop once it left. Nice dining seems a priority to Rogersville visitors, and because of the Honeysuckle’s presence, according to Ferguson, “They’re coming back.”
Merle Norman makeup artist and studio manager, Ashley Gervais, has experienced significant support via café traffic as well. Gervais runs a shop of a different breed, as Merle Norman is a chain makeup provider. She believes that some customer support comes from the fact that a unique dining experience attracts customers to neighboring chain stores. She reports, “We offer Merle Norman products but also heartstrings monogram and engraved items, so shoppers appreciate buying from a unique store while they’re getting fantastic food in the same trip.”

The Honeyscukle Café is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. To learn more or place a to-go order, call (256) 607-7075.